Globalization has been progressing at an increasing rate throughout recorded history.

You to can participate in a study abroad experience in Europe that focuses on the basics of globalization: commodities.

A commodity is a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, or a useful or valuable thing such as water or time.

This site chronicles study abroad experiences in Europe, and offers a touchstone for participants who are involved in active learning about past and present globalization. Additionally, United States participants explore viewpoints from Europeans offering them expanded understanding and utility in leveraging all academic studies: past and future.
There are no academic prerequisites other than ability to enroll in a course at Univeristy and pay the additional course fees and costs associated with travel.

A willingness to explore is required.

All major and minors are welcome and all content is self contained. We help you be successful at exploring opportunities to connect with a larger world.

Business and liberal arts majors are particularly enriched from the experience, but science and agricultural majors find participation rewarding.

Castles and culture await you, as do natural spaces of beauty.

Teutonic Knights, 10th century churches, and visiting sites of conflicts of old fought over resources and commodity access, await your exploration.

Join us on the adventure. Explore other cultures and lands.

It is not a vacation, but it will change your life.

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