Vistula River

We went and seen the Vistula river. The Vistula is the longest and largest river in Poland at 651 miles long. We were looking at alluvial deposits in the floodplain of the river. We walked out into a field and augered into the soil with a hand auger. We discovered that the top horizon, about 70 cm, of the soil was all alluviated from the river. The soil was a loamy texture and was used for a cultivated pasture of corn.vistula river

We say some interesting things while out exploring through the floodplains. I say poppy growing by a levee. The levee was there to keep the river from flooding to close to some houses and town. The poppy is in the Papaveraceae family, and they are large showy flowers with four to six petals, many stamens, and fruits that are called capsules. Some species supply morphine and poppy seed oil, while other species are unfortunately used to produce the illegal drug opium. poppy

Another thing we say was a deer stand out in the pasture. I informed Scymon, are polish teacher, that we call them deer stands because he was calling them towers.deer stand in poland

For the first time I saw asparagus going in the wild when we were walking through the woods.


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