soil pit

We had an amazing time in the soil pits today. We hiked for a little while then we arrived at the spot where we were going to study the soils. We dug a little more and then got to work on the soil properties and processes. The first thing we determined were the soil horizons and where they stopped and started according to the soil. To help us with this we looked at where the horizons stopped and started knowing this could help us figure out the eight horizons. We then looked at the structure and we did this by putting some soil in your hand and seeing how much it breaks apart when you shake it some. We also looked at the color and be took some soil and up it with the book and saw while color it was closest too and which rows it was categorized in. We looked at the texture and saw if it was close to a sand, clay, silt and there was loam in there as well. One of the last things we did was determined the pH. We did this by putting some of the soil in a color thing and put some HCl on the soil and saw which color it was closest to get which pH it was and higher than seven the more basic and lower than seven the more acidic. I only knew about the four main horizons before coming here so I learned so much in the first week about soils. I can’t wait to see what the next weeks have in store for me.

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