Our first three day weekend in Bydgoszcz was very peaceful and relaxing. On Friday, we decided to rent boats and explore the Brda River. We spent an hour on the river just looking at all the neat things in Bydgoszcz. We were able to go under the big bridge, and even the statue that is hanging on a line above the river. On Saturday morning we decided to take a train to Torun to see the gingerbread museum and Nicolaus Copernicus’ house. The house of Copernicus was super cool to see considering he’s a pretty big deal. Unfortunately we were not able to go the gingerbread museum because apparently you have to call ahead and reserve a spot. 🙁  Torun was a really nice city and I hope we are able to go back and to see the gingerbread museum.IMG_0710IMG_0706




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