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When I first arrived in warsaw I was extremely nervous it was my first time being alone in a foreign country I knew that multitudes of people backpack across europe every year I just was not sure if it was safe or not.  I knew that if I wanted to travel many times in the future I was going to have to get acquainted with the cheapest form of lodging (hostels.) hostels get a bad rap with many americans because of the movie of the same name. many do not like the idea of sharing a room with a stranger, well it is a tough idea to swallow not knowing everyone in your room personally but its something I got over fast. I find that when you are tired you accept things much more readily. When I first arrived at the hostel I was apprehensive about the whole idea, was it safe, was someone going to steal my bag, am i going to get messed with. These worries soon disappeared as I spent more time in the hostel.


The hostel is in a communist era 7 story building which at the base is a bank. When you first walk in the doors you are greeted by a lets say rather buxom mermaid. She stays watch over the hostel and its inhabitants like the great mermaid that is the symbol of warsaw. the reception is on the third floor so as I trecked up I noticed every step was numbered and had a calorie counter, it had a sign that said for every ten steps you climb you lose 3 calories. Well that sure is one way to look at it! Right away I knew this place was the bees knees there was artsy fartsy decorations on the walls giant bean bags on the stair wells and indie music quietly pumping in the background. I had found a bohemian heaven. An interesting tidbit about this place is that every single room had a different theme, the theme in my room was the beach. So everywhere was beach decor even the bedspread looked like the ocean.


The reception staff was extremely nice they wanted to have personal conversations with everyone who came in. They even spent 20 mins explaining town history telling me where to find free tours and all of the tourist destinations as well as warning me against some areas.


the fifth floor contained a bar which every night held games and led pub crawls. It is interesting to note that I meet a canadian girl working through my volunteer organization there. Her job was literally to talk to people make them comfortable and organize a bar crawl. By doing this she received a room and three free meals a day. That is the life! She said she had been in the town doing that for 3 weeks and hardly spent any money. At one of her pub crawls I met the friends I would travel with on my few days in warsaw. I met germans, a canadian, danes, a greek girl, argentinians, english, australians, and of course a few polish to


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