A Small Piece of Home!

Day 5, Friday May 19th

We spent our morning going through a forestry nursery and trough the trails of the park portion that is open to the public. The walk through the trails reminded me so much of my home town because of all the trees, it was so beautiful. There were small differences in some of trees they had there versus the trees we have at home but it defiantly reminded me of home so much. At the end of our walk we went back off the trails a little and dug a hole to look at the soil horizons.

After our walk we cooked our food we got at the store the day before and ate lunch we also offered Frederick, our taxi driver, some of our lunch. When we were done with lunch we left to go back to the city and on our way home we had some interactions with Frederick. The best one was when he tapped Danielle, who was sitting in the front seat, and scrolls through his messages and finds a video. So he plays this video which she thinks is a gorilla doing push-ups, the rest of us are also watching from the back seat, and then all of a sudden this thing jumps at the screen and all five of us jump. He starts laughing and it in returns makes all of us start laughing.

After a small break at our dorms we ended our day with ice cream and coffee!

He looks like he hates us but I promise he doesn’t

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