Gingerbread Baby

Museum of Gingerbread

After we finished lunch it was time for us to head to the museum. By this point in the day we had gotten it out of Andrew that this museum was a gingerbread museum since Torún is famous for their gingerbread. Andrew told us we would be able to make our own gingerbread and we all got excited!! We made our way across town to the gingerbread museum and we waited in line. Finally, it was 4 and out tour began! When we got up there we had to put our bags down by the windows and gather in the middle of this big room. Once we were gathered there the Gingerbread Master came out and welcomed us, his new apprentices. He used different people from the audience to do different tasks to make the bread. Lauren got to mix the dough together.

Lauren mixing the dough.

 After it was mixed this little boy was chosen to see it the dough had been mixed enough, the boy stepped out from the crowd and the Master flipped the bowl over his head like they flip the blizzards at Dairy Queen!!! Lucky for the little boy it was okay and nothing dumped on his head! The Master said that the dough must sit for 12 weeks before we could use it…. but lucky for us some came 3 months ago and made some for us! He split us up into 2 groups: Polish and English. He was our English instructor and the Witch was the Polish instructor. He had us roll out the dough and oil it up. After one side was oiled we placed that side into a mold and pressed it in. After we got it pressed in the mold enough we quickly pulled it off the mold and cut the extra dough off before we placed it on the sheet. He said it would take about 50 Hail Mary’s to cook maybe more or less depending on how fast you prayed. Once the cookies were finished we picked them up and he told us that these cookies were not for eating but for a souvenir and they would hurt your teeth if you tried to eat them.

The gingerbread I made!

“Ask the witch for the password.”

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