In search of a Bobble Head

Fields at Chrząstowo k. Nakła, an Experiment Station.

Today we started with a field trip to Chrząstowo k. Nakła, an Experiment Station. We were greeted with colleges of our professors. We began with a meeting explaining how this experiment station was designed for research, and to give farmers the upper hand in predicting which crops to grow in the next year.

Ragan, Danielle, Lauren, Sarah, and Jessi



In this experiment station the scientists also grow new versions of multiple species of crops to compare the benefits and cons of each type. We also leaned about how some plants are intentionally planted to repair the nitrogen levels in the soil. They also had green houses where they were growing  Chrysanthemum. We enjoyed taking pictures with the flowers and then had to head back into town.

In town we found a lovely restaurant. We sat and enjoyed the perfect weather, talking about our adventures and our plans to venture out this weekend. I enjoyed a lovely chicken  breast with sweet potato fries and a salad. We then split a desert that was covered in a warm chocolate syrup to melt the ball of chocolate under it. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and our free night. We then started our search. 

We were searching for a bobble head dog for our taxi driver. He doesn’t speak English but we think that he is fond of us, as we enjoy his company. In each of his different vehicles he has a bobble head dog, so we wanted to find one for him. Searching for a toy store in this city was a challenge. We found our way to a Lego to shop, however they only sold legos. They half way directed us in the right direction. After wondering the streets for a little bit we almost missed the shop! I’m not sure but I don’t think it was a toy store, but they had dog bobble heads. We made our way in only to be informed that they were closed for the night. We would have to make our way back in the morning.

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