3 servings of dairy a day

Today was all about dairy cattle.  From genetics to research.  The first couple of lectures were pretty cool because we leaned that most of the cattle that are in Poland are dairy cows.  only 6% are beef.  To me that is insane.  But to go on we leaned about the stalling and the operations.  How each cow had to be tagged with a specific ear tag and it had its own set of paperwork that went with it if it was sold, and even its own insurance and ID card.  Learned that cattle was a rising animal and the economic importance of the dairy industry to Poland.  But it wasn’t just dairy we also touched on poultry, sheep, goat, and swine markets.  But these weren’t in depth as the dairy industry.  The only bad part about today was that the last lecture was incredibly boring.  No offense to the teacher but all we did was look at research topics that came out of polish universities and how they did this and what they discovered.  We looked at screenshots of papers for almost and hour.  IT WAS BRUTAL.

But this week won’t be as bad as I think. Hopefully, because we will have different lectures and get to visit a Polish dairy operation.  We will see how this goes and I will keep an update about what the dairy industry is like across the pond.

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