5,457 Miles Later We Made it to Bydgoszcz!!!

This journey started Monday May 15th at about 3:30pm when I arrived at the airport to meet some of the other girls and our professor for the very long flight that we had ahead of us. After boarding our plane I got settle into my seat knowing this was going to be a long night.

Getting ready board my first flight

Shortly after takeoff I started to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I was expecting that about the time the movie was over they would have given us dinner and I could try to get some sleep, but that was not the case. The man sitting next to me snored, and the women sitting behind me gossiped the whole flight. Finally we landed Frankfurt Germany having only about an hour before our next flight started boarded we knew we needed to move fast, but one of the girls had a ticket that said “this is not a ticket” so we needed to get her her seat on the flight. We made our way down toward our gate and found the office for the airlines our flight was with, and stopped to get it sorted out. With time not on our side we finally found out some news but it wasn’t good, she was told that somewhere in the transfer of her connecting flight the ticket got lost and she no longer had a seat on the flight. So we rush down to our gate to meet the two other girls waiting for us and to see if there are any available seat on our flight, and unfortunately the flight was over booked and they were already asking people to give to their. In the end our professor had to stay back with her for the night in Germany has the other three girls and I got on our flight to go to Bydgoszcz.

Airport in Bydgoszcz

Finally arriving in Poland, at one of the smallest airports I have ever been to, we were greeted by our professors from the University here. They introduced themselves and we went straight out to get in our taxi so that we could be taken to our dorms! After getting our things up to our rooms, we met back up with one of professors, Anna, who took us to the little market to get some food for that night and in the morning. Not knowing what anything said she showed us around a little and then let us finish our shopping on our own. Getting our shopping done quickly we went back to are rooms and got settled in and I went straight to bed!

Dorm room

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