A day of rest

After our long and eventful day at the Malbork castle yesterday everyone agreed that today we would rest. I enjoyed this day greatly, mainly because I didn’t get out of bed until almost 3. After I got up I did some laundry and then got ready for the little part of the day that I had left. We planned to go into town to say goodbye to Dr. McGahan. We met him and Dr. Lambert at an ice cream shop where I enjoyed a banana split. After this we made our way to dinner, coincidentally at the same restaurant that our professors had a scheduled dinner at. We enjoyed our food and I opted for a salad as I am becoming tired of the constant pork chops and potatoes. After we finished dinner we waited for our professors to finish so that we could say goodbye one more time. The girls were a great sport and took pictures of me doing jumps on the bridge. When they were done eating we talked for a bit longer and then finally made our way back to the dorms for the night.

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