A little salty?

Today we visited the Krakow salt mines,


Wieliczka Salt Mines. We Made our way down hundreds of stairs ending at an eventual 125 meters under the ground. The tour told us a short history of the mines and showed us multiple rooms. Of these rooms included were a cathedral, a giant room with works of art carved into the salt walls by three miners, and caverns with the steps that were carved by the miners hundreds of years ago.

Much of what we saw could be compared to caverns that we have in Texas. It was very interesting that the structures were all from the mining of salt. We were encouraged to taste and even lick the walls if we wanted to ensure that it was actually salt. Even floors that looked like marble were from giant salt blocks, chandeliers were also made from salt. It was also humerus that the tour group in-front of us were taking so many pictures. They charged extra for pictures so i decided to just use pictures off of the internet for the blog, the quality is much better then what I could have been able to capture. One disappointing factor of the trip was our tour guide, the other girls noticed this and it brings me back to my museum studies class. The woman seemed disinterested and was not forthcoming with information, since there was no information provided in another way it was frustrating, especially since we were able to learn more from the tour guide in-front of us. 

After our tour at the salt mines we headed back to the city center. We decided on Bobby Burgers for lunch, we were eager to have “american food”. The burger was delicious, we then made our way to the center of the square where the biggest open air market is held. Many of the girls purchased gifts for their families. We then headed back to the dorm with the intentions of getting some work done on our blogs land essays. However, I took a nice nap. After the nap Danielle and I made our way back into town for dinner. We found a little restaurant where we had pizza, coffee, and dessert. After this we made our way back to the dorm for the night.

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