A Taste of Home

Various types of fungi.

Toady we had lecture starting at 9. The topic was very interesting as we talked about fungi. We looked at different types and talked about the various ways that they can effect people and animals. We learned that some fungi are not harmful to animals and humans while others contain toxins that are. This was also relevant to history. The Curse of The Pharaoh, refers to the circumstances of archaeologists mysteriously dying after excavating tombs. It was later discovered that during the excavation of these tombs that spores of fungi had been released and ingested by the archaeologists, leading to their deaths.


After our lecture we made our way to lunch. We went to a Hungarian style  restaurant, and I had a pork chop. After lunch we decided to make our way back to the dorms and to head back into town later in the evening. On the tram a young man fell asleep on Danielles’ arm, we found this hilarious. He hastily woke up and quickly got of the tram. We weren’t surprised to see that he walked to the next tram stop where we got off because is got off at the wrong one.

A taste of home.


We met back up around 7 and headed into town on the search for some food that was american. We ended up eating some delicious cheeseburgers. We have been enjoying the traditional Polish dishes but were longing for something we were familiar with. After dinner we headed back to the dorms and turned in early.

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