Adventure Day

Today was scheduled as a free day. Last night all of the girls and I set down and we made reservations to take a guided tour to the Tatra Mountains. Our ride was scheduled to pick us up at 8:30 in the morning. As we gathered ourselves and were waiting on the bus we realized that we had received an email saying that our trip couldn’t be processed. We went to Starbucks and tried to decide what we would do for the day.


Danielle came up with the idea to go to a lake

A little piece of paradise

in the middle of the town. Zakrzówek, was so beautiful! We got an Uber to pick us up and drop us off, I hadn’t looked at a picture of our destination and was going completely on trust. The taxi driver dropped us off in the middle of nowhere and since none of us knew where we were going were a bit anxious. We found a women who spoke English and  told us “right, then right. good” we followed her directions and sure enough we found a little piece of paradise.

Toe Tuch

We followed some paths in the hope to get closer to the crystal blue water and eventually found our way to a little rock. Danielle gave us all a scare as she was trying to get a picture and almost got stuck on a cliff, but it was all fun and games. We sat in the piece and quite on the little rock for a little bit and then decided to head back into town, I’d really like it if we could come back again before we leave.

Our Uber dropped us off

chocolate milk and banana

at the square and we made our way to a little restaurant that overlooks the square. After this we made our way back to the dorms until it was time for dinner with Dr. Lambert. We all made our way to a restaurant that was on a boat on a river.  Martyna, Kasha, Dean Richard, Tristan, and some other people joined us. We had a nice dinner with some interesting views. One included a couple making out on a park bench and the other two little kids dropping their pants in the middle of the park to use the restroom. Despite the views dinner was very good. After sitting in the cold we decided we needed hot chocolate, we made our way to a little chocolate cafe. Tristan and I decided on a chocolate milk instead, mine had banana in it. We then made our way back to the dorms.

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