Airport blues

Sitting at the flying bistro, it’s 10 am…. And my flight doesn’t leave until 6 tonight. So that’s cool.

Im really sad robe leaving. I will truly miss Bydgoszcz and all the people I met there. Everyone was super nice and welcoming. I made a lot of international friends that I hate feeling like I will never see them again. But I am happy to go home and see my family and my puppies. This experience has been the experience of a lifetime. I am so happy I went though with it. For a while before we left I kept second guessing myself and was scared to come. I don’t regret a thing.

Except…. I regret being stupid and loosing my phone. So your welcome person in Bydgoszcz who found it. You got yourself a iPhone! But a phone is only a phone and can be replaced. I just feel naked without it.

Well I guess I will go cry now because I have to leave Poland today. I hope I can make it back to europe one day

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One Response to Airport blues

  1. Oh lord, this does bring a tear to the eye.