America day in Bydgoszcz

On Tuesday we had a random fun day. It started off in class of course and we learned that morning that an exchange student from Texas was going to come take us to lunch that day. Of course we were excited to be able to finally communicate with another American let alone TEXAN that knew Bydgoszcz well. She showed up at lunch with another girl who was from Canada. They had been in Poland for several months now and so they decided to take us to their favorite Italian restaurant. On the way there we were all talking with each other being loud Americans and a lady on the street stopped to talk to us. She heard our accents and English and was from America also. She was from Atlanta Georgia here with her husband for his work. It was crazy we had gone 10 days here not meeting any other Americans to meeting 3 that same afternoon. We spoke with her for a little while then went to lunch. I ate way too much pasta but it was SOO GOOD! I couldn’t even leave a bite there. It was nice and refreshing to talk to those girls about what there is to do in Poland and everything. They told us their favorite places to eat and told us where to get some amazing pancakes at a restaurant called maneken. The day went on with class then of course home to the dorms for a nap! We then decided to go get dinner at the pancake place. Let me tell you it was so amazing! The pancakes there are insanely good!!! We will definitely be going back soon! On the way home we were just walking and talking on a little sugar high from the pancakes and we got stopped by two young Mormons who were from… AMERICA! Like how in the same day we run into 5 Americans it was crazy. The Morgan guys have lived in Bydgoszcz for in think nine months and had not seen any Americans except for the young girl who took is to lunch!!! They had ran into her at a bakery back in September or so! It was so fun to talk to them because they were more interested in know why we were in Poland and what we did rather than give us a lecture, which they did but they kept it really short and sweet! They were here doing their missionary work. One was from Colorado and the other from California. I just loved seing Americans again and being able to have full conversations with out any language barriers!!!

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