Today we visited Auschwitz concentration camp. We started our trip with an hour or two bus ride to the camp. There has been a great amount of preservation put into this place, as it deserves.

Auschwitz 1 main gate

Our tour led us through Auschwitz 1, looking at the bunkers, statistics of the atrocities, and some of the living conditions that  prisoners had to endure. After we made our way through some of the blocks and looked at the first gas chamber, the commandants quarters, a some other important places we had a short break and then made our way to Auschwitz Birkenau.

At Auschwitz Birkenau the size of the camp was multiplied. The railroad lines were still intact and although many of the blocks were no long standing remnants were still there. We traveled inside some of them and were able to view the sleeping and sanitary conditions. We then walked along the railroad lines and were able to place ourselves in the exact spots where many people were selected to either die or live. We then walked the same rout that those whom were selected for death would have made on the way to the gas chambers.

Remnants of Gas Chambers

The gas chambers were a pile of ruins as the Nazis destroyed them towards the end of the war in an attempt to cover up their crimes against humanity. In the back of the camp between two of the gas chambers was a memorial that was erected to pay tribute to the millions of people that lost their lives. 

After our trip back to town we met for dinner. We met Tristan, a student from the Philippians who will be conducting research for the next two months here. We had Italian and then made our way back to the dorms.

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