Today we went to auschwetz. Words can’t describe how I feel. Walking on the same grounds most polish Jews and prisoners were that had no idea what was going to happen to them once we entered the camp.
The camps were located in oszecim Poland.
The hardest part for me was seeing the hair, shoes, luggage and belongings to the prisoners thaimaget personally claimed them. It was so heartbreaking and so moving. Tears happened instantly and couldnt bare to imagine how they felt. My grandfather had worked during the camps and he was highly educated to be working for them. My heart aches for those people that had to suffer through what they have been through. How fortunate my grandfather was able to survive through it all. Unfortunately he passed away in 2003 but he was one strong ms to be able to live and overcome it. It was definitely worth the experience to check out. I look forward to coming to see it again with my family.



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