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Donald G. McGahan is an Assistant Professor of Soil Science at Tarleton State Univeristy (A member of the Texas A&M System) in Texas USA. His professional site can be viewed at http://faculty.tarleton.edu/mcgahan/index.html

Karmnik Warsaw, Poland


Karmnik is where I go for a meal and a beverage when I arrive in Warsaw, Poland. The first time I came here it was great! I have been back three times and it is always welcoming. The food is …

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Change of Luggage


 Over time I’ve developed some travel habits that have unburdened myself from excessive luggage. I have worked hard to collapse the clothes to items I’ll wear multiple time for each trip. I have also collapsed space by favoring lightweight synthetic …

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What’s that? A jaskötka?


I was having dinner the other night. It was after the sun set, but long before it got dark. I was gazing out the restaurant window and lost in those thoughts all travelers get when there is a few moments …

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Video Exposé – we made it on Television

Earlier I blogged that the class participants were interviewed by news reporters. Earlier the class participants were interviewed by the local radio station. Now we’ve really made the big time by being on a television magazine show “Agroregion” with host Joanna …

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NewsPrint – we made the papers

The local newspaper did a story on our Texas USA – Tarleton State University – students. It was originally a longer article but a local was elected to a Parliamentary seat and the story about Texans was reduced. Link to newspaper …

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Soil Profiles


Week One was an experience in adaptation. One thing that was fun was ending the education experience with hands on ‘let’s go and do it’ activities. That is how this study abroad experience is set up. Intense laboratory instruction followed …

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Gdansk on our ‘day off’


Prof. Dr. Antoni Bukaluk and Rector of University of Technology & Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz Poland offered to take us to visit Gdansk and some surrounding areas. We jumped at the opportunity! Gdansk is not to awfully far from Bydgoszcz. Couple of hours …

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Baltic Barefoot


Study Abroad is not just about learning classroom stuff. Yea, everybody should know that! But, sometimes it is about experiencing things you can brag about later. This is one that is a brag about later. SO, here is the phalanges …

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Quiet streets


Sometimes I can find a quiet street. Usually, however, there are plenty of pedestrians and it is obvious Americans don’t walk nearly enough. This is in Krakow but this is similar in Bydgoszcz or Warsaw; maybe less so in Warsaw …

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Old and New


I am having breakfast in the dining room of the Hotel Francuski in Krakow Poland. I note that there is a juxtaposition between old, sometimes what looks under repair, and sparking new. This hotel has the old charm in abundance …

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Pine Forest


We learned that Poland has a robust administration of forest lands. These are mostly pines. The area of pine forest has increased since Poland moved from a Communist political structure to parliamentarian. The Pine forest was something like 12% and …

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Cosmopolitan and Connected


Only a few steps from my lodgings entrance is a natural area (park). Taking a stroll around this park on a Sunday evening I noted that the park was a wifi hotspot. It takes an email address and name to …

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Instructors quarters


When Dr Lambert and I were working with Dr Robitaille at Tarleton State Universities International Programs Office, Dr Robitaille made a clear argument for having instructors quarters at a different location from the Study Abroad student participants. While this post is …

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Posting Hints

Posting Hints Please check the box in front of “Bydgoszcz Poland 2014” in the Categories box in the right hand column when adding a new post. The administrators can initiate new categories so that content can be grouped on pages based …

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Hello! and Welcome!

Welcome to Study Abroad Globalearner.net. This weblog is for posting about the global experience. Participants blog sharing there experience and relate to there education past, present, and future. These posts are intended to share and thereby include family, friends, and …

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