Our second free weekend we decided to go to Berlin. This was a really great choice because it was kind of close to Bydgoszcz and only a four hour train ride and we knew we would have a really good time. When we arrived everyone was really hungry so we stopped at a place for lunch. The food we ordered was unbelieveably good and dont even get me started on the desert. After we ate we thought it would be best to look for a hostle to stay in and so we could put our stuff down and shop because there was a German cup final going on the next day so we needed to find something fast. We finally found a great hostle and put our stuff down and went out. We looked in all the cool stores and found some really cool items. I was really suprised on how many expensive cars there were. You would see one every five seconds and they were the high end Mercedes, BMW, Porsches, Audies, and even the taxies were Mercedes. We passed by a place that had cars for showing and everyone of them I would have loved to own there was a Bugatti, lamborghini, porche just over all expensive cars. After looking at the cars we walked around more and saw some really cool building dont know what they were but they had really cool architecture. To cover more ground in Berlin we took a boat tour that showed us some cool building that would have taken a long time to walk to. We were all about to crash at that point so we ate some food and went to bed. The next moring we woke up and went to get our train tickets and the station was super crowed and once we finally got in we just waited for the train to get out of the mess. This trip was really fun and I would have loved to have stayed longer but didnt have the time.


boat tour cool museum

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