To start our three day weekend we all decided to go drive some boats on Friday to relax and enjoy the beautiful day. It was about a 10min walk but when we finally got there we signed a slip and paid and we were on our way. We had an hour to relax and enjoy the scenic views of different places and restaurants on the river. Once we started driving everyone started to race for a short time then we stopped and slowed down to enjoy the view. We saw people kayaking, driving mini boats or just sitting out on the grass or a bench eating or just enjoying the beautiful day. As we went farther along the river we saw some places to eat and they looked pretty cool because they were on boating in the water and I always find that relaxing. Under the bridges we would do doughnuts and zigzags just to make the boat ride that much more fun. As we were making our way back we heard the motor start to lose power. We thought we weren’t going to have enough gas or power to make it back. So we have to start it quite a few times just to get it going again so we could have enough power. After a while it got a little annoying having to start it back up so many times but we were almost there so it needed to hang on just a bit more and it did just that. As we docked and got off we felt very relaxed and we were happy we did it because it was really fun and we will probably ride the boats another week.

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