Break Down

Today we started on our Journey to Krakow. Everyone but Lauren was late making our way down to Leszek. He helped us load all of our luggage and we were on the way to the train station. We met Dr. Lambert there and made our way to our first train.

Most of us slept on the train including Dr. Lambert. It was quite hilarious watching Danielle jump awake as other trains sped past us and blared their horns.  During the middle of our frist train we came to a stop and we thought that it was just another station. Turns out the train had broken down. The only way that we were able to determine this was by watching crew yell outside as they seemed to be working on the train. We eventually started moving again but were now going to be late catching our next train.

After talking to the conductor we got off a stop early and were able to intersect with our next train on time. Getting all of our luggage off and on the trains quickly was challenging. We finally made it to Krakow and caught a  cab to our new homes. I like our new dorms as our beds are more comfortable and we have full sized towels.

We ventured into town for dinner and saw their amazing town square. Our meeting place will be at the metal head in the middle of the square. We attempted to find a restaurant with food that we were familiar with. We found an Italian place and everyone had lasagna. Although it wasn’t quite american lasagna it was still good. We then made our ways back to our dorms and settled in for the night.

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