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Malborku Castle

I guess I can’t really start today with out explaining last night. Trying to figure out how to get to the Malborku Castle consisted of a bunch of twists and turns, and obtaining the tickets was quite the headache. We finally purchased tickets for the museum but decided to take a chance on transportation and figure it out in the morning. So we went to bed around 4am and needed to be ready to go at 7am.


After rising bright and early we caught our first transportation of the day. Buckle up tight for this roller coaster! We took a tram to a train station in Bydgoszcz, which took us to another train station on the other side of Bydgoszcz, we then had 10 minutes to find and board another train that was to take us to Tczew, where we then had 20 min to board another train to Malbork. We were quite pleased with ourselves as we boarded and made it to each destination without a hitch! We then made the walk to the castle to start our very own adventure!

We made our way to the ticket counter and picked up our audio tours. These little audio devices gave us a thorough and complete tour of the castle, providing an abundance of information but not providing too much at the same time. All of the girls said that they liked it very much, I guess my Museum Studies class really did pay off.

The abundance of history encompassed in this castle is amazing and I wish first that I could upload all of the pictures that I took, and second that the pictures did the castle justice. The amount of restoration that was required to return this castle to its glory days of the 15th century required vast amounts of time and qualified historians. The castle was nearly destroyed during the second world war, and many of the treasures that were held in it were destroyed also. Walking through the castle gave perspective to what life could have been like during many of the years that it was a functioning organization. 

I loved being able to see the amount of restoration that was put into the castle and also observing the many different types of conservation techniques that I studied in my Museum Studies class being applied. Humidity and temperature monitors,  the use of strategic placement or UV protective filters, and the amount of security personnel brought many lessons from my class into a real life situation.

Partially destroyed Jesus

After basking in the glory of the castle for almost 4 hours we reluctantly made our way to the exit, we could have easily stayed and explored longer. We made our way back to the train station and caught a train to Gdansk. There we found a coffee shop to rest our feet, wait for our professors to meet us, and consume some cake and caffeine. We then found our way to the old town by an uber where the building were gorgeous.

The streets of Gdansk






We found a restaurant called The Boat and enjoyed our dinner. I decided to branch out and got goose, and it was amazing! After dinner we walked around the old town a little while longer and found some lody. After sitting for a while we all agreed that our feet were too tired to keep exploring and we caught a cab back to the train station. After one last train ride back to Bydgoszcz and a final cab ride to our dorms our long day came to an end.

Poseidon statue in the city center.

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