Corpus Christi

Today in Krakow, its a holiday.  Today is the holiday of Corpus Christi or the body of christ.  A major holiday over here in Poland.  It was kind of amazing to se to see but because I’m not a catholic I didn’t understand what was really going on.  We saw a parade of catholic followers from nuns to priest to friers from Jerusalem all in a parade that celebrated this holiday.  and the priest giving first communion over a loud speaker and preaching the gospel in the old town square.  But all the shops are closed and I understand why, but that means we will be bored in our rooms because we don’t understand the holiday we cannot participate.  So we are all just chilling in the dorm trying to figure the wifi situation and hoping that it stays working long enough for us to get the essay and the blogs done that we need to.  On the brighter side this is the last blog that we are required to for the week so the only wifi we need for our phones to contact our friends and family back home in the states with out us getting charged thousands of dollars using data roaming on our phones.

But let me say this about last night, I was going insane listening to the people that wanted to stay up until 2 in the morning blaring polka music below us.  I was about to go don’t stairs and give them a piece of my mind but I didn’t, fortunately.

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