Crazy Adventure

We had a crazy adventure on the bus ride from the mall to the dorms. We left school and walked to the mall to take a look around. After looking at the mall for an hour and a half, everyone was ready to head to the dorms. Since we got a card today for free bus rides, we decided to take the bus back to the dorms instead of walking. Katherine asked a lady at the ticket booth which bus would drop us off close to the dorms. Everyone hurried to the bus stop so we didn’t miss the bus. As we got on we were trying to figure out which stop to get off at. We realized we were lost when the bus never pasted anywhere that looked familiar to us. The bus stopped at the central station and Katherine asked the driver which bus we should ride. Luckily, Taylor had the address on his phone so we could show the driver where we needed to go. We got on the bus and the driver told us which stop we had to get off at. We finally made it to the bus stop close to the dorms and realized where we were.

The point of the story is we finally got brave enough to ride the bus. Yes, we failed and got lost, but now we know two trains that go by the dorms. We also learned two new stops that are close to the dorms.

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