The Thursday of the second week I found to be the most interesting and best of the plant information. I learned about so must information on planting crops and the best methods for growing them. The showed us how they were comparing crops of the family and how the control was faring with the plants that got sprayed. When you looked at the plant you could see a pic different in the height and the color or the stems as well as the roots. The most interesting part about them showing us the plants were the same family of plants and that some were planted in the winter and some in the spring and them studying them to see with one is the best to keep doing to make food with. I thought this was interesting because I never would have thought about doing that and that could also change the way plants grow in different places. After the plants they showed us some really amazing gadgets. My favorite gadget was the one with the glass ball that the sun hits and burns a piece of paper to tell how long the sun has been out and the time. After we looked at the gadgets for a while we looked at a few more crops and they showed us a legume gadget tool that I found to be really cool. You would put the gadget either close to the bottom, the middle or the top of the crop and you click a button and it tells you the amount of heat it’s the crops is getting.


ball flower yellow

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