Czech Me Out!

On our third weekend we all went to Prague in the Czech Republic. This weekend trip was especially meaningful for me because well I’m czech. Being able to walk the street of my homeland was beyond compare. Only complaint, TOO MANY TOURISTS!

Walking across the Charles Bridge, my fathers namesake, brought tears to my eyes. While I’m not catholic, the statues lining the bridge are amazing.

There was also a Tim Burton exhibit in town, random I know, so of course we had to stop in and czech it out. Yes pun was intended. Photos were not allowed inside the exhibit so I made do with what was on the outside if the building.

Of course we couldn’t leave without seeing Prague Castle and the Astronomical Clock. While the castle is beautiful the hike up the 200+ steps was a little excessive, and that’s just one way!

Unfortunately they were doing some major renovations on the outside of the cathedral so almost all photos have construction in them. After walking back through the gardens of the castle we decided to call it a day and hit up the clock in the morning. The line was unnecessarily long at this point. While the clock itself is beautiful and the views from the clock tower beyond compare, there were too many people.

I’m not usually a claustrophobic person but even I was having trouble being in the masses. All in all I definitely want to go back someday soon, not just to Prague but to Usti and Lichnov. Preferably when it’s a little cooler and not the hight of tourist season.

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