Dairy farm

The field day of going to the dairy farms was the best day of the week. I had never been to a dairy farm and seeing one in person is interesting. The first farm was really big and had a lot of cool things. When we first walked in we saw a guy showing a calf to people and they were taking pictures. Out of the corner of my eye a random cat walked out of the hay and had babies. I thought this was cool because you don’t get to see new born kittens every day. He showed us different feeds for the different ages like as a calf they would eat a mix of things and then later on move to hay. We did get to see some baby calves and they we fun to bet and they thought you fingers were a bottle so they would suck on them. The last thing he showed us was the milking station. I found it to be very interesting because I had never seen one before. After we finished learning about the first farm we stopped at a restaurant that had a war there between the polish army and some kind of knights. We moved on to the second farm and this won was a lot smaller but had some cool machines. The machine we saw was an automatic milking machine for the cows. This machine had information in it about the cow and would use lasers to line up and start milking and knew when to stop. There was an amazing view of some water and land and of course they had a dog and I was really happy. I really enjoyed going to the farms and I learned so much about dairy cows.

view Milk station


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