Day 14: Rest and Laundry

Homemade clothes line

Since we got in so late last night, we were all very read for a day to sleep in, rest, and pack for Krakow. Part of our plans for today included doing laundry but I didn’t know just how much of an adventure doing laundry would turn into. We had already figured out that there were washing machines on the second and eighth floors and I wanted to see them before I bought soap or brought my clothes there. Unfortunately the door to the laundry room was locked so we assumed you probably need a key to access it. Jessi and I went to the front desk and asked about the laundry but since she only speaks Polish it turned into a confusing experience for both parties as we tried to use Google Translate. Eventually she handed us a key ring with three keys on it and motioned for us to follow her onto the elevator. What followed was a lengthy unintelligible lesson in Polish on turning on the machines, selecting a setting, putting clothes in, and starting it. We more pretended that we understand than actually understood. How hard could it be right?

A small section of the “soaps” aisle

Then we were left to the task of buying laundry detergent. I had asked the lady at the desk via Google Translate if there was a certain brand of detergent we should buy but she simply said “Biedronka” and pointed at the grocery store across the street. Since we can’t read any of the labels we mostly had to distinguish between dish soap and laundry detergent by context clues. If a soap had a picture of a hand, I assumed it was dish soap or hand soap. If it had a picture of a family, it could go either way. If it actually had a picture of clothes or was a recognizable brand, we assumed that was laundry detergent. I bought a bottle which resembled detergent and mostly just hoped for the best.

All in all, my clothes at least smell nice and are currently drying on my homemade clothes line in my room. Every time we walk by the lady at the front desk she stares at us like we probably ruined the washing machine. Today was a new sort of adventure.

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