Day 2: Check-In and First Impressions

My room in the university dormitories in Bydgoszcz.

Full disclosure, most of this day was filled with travel to Poland as discussed in my last post. My previous post did not however include our transport to the dormitories and that is where I will pick up. Without our fearless leader/professor, four of our five girls arrived in Bydgoszcz hoping to somehow be able to recognize the associates responsible for picking us up from the airport. Our helpless mannerisms must have given us away because Anna and Simon quickly spotted us.

The four of us climbed into a mid-sized van cab and Anna followed us to the University where she showed us to our rooms (mine, left). Each of us were provided our own bedroom complete with private bathrooms to call our own for our time in Bydgoszcz. Soon after arriving, Anna took us to the small grocery store across the street to grab some essentials for the evening after which we returned to rest. I went ahead and moved some of my clothes from my suitcase to the provided wardrobe, set up my bathroom, and began working on some course work.

Later, Danielle and I decided to take a walk through the neighborhood to explore and find somewhere to eat dinner. Some university students had set up some creations made of cardboard outside of the dorm. After asking a group of university students, we discovered that the cardboard creations were part of the festivities of this week

My first taste of Polish food (at least I think it was Polish).

and a competition to create a mode of transportation out of boxes and other recycled materials. We then proceeded to walk through the main part of campus across the street and down through the neighborhood across the railroad tracks. For the most part I felt like we blended in with the crowd. Families with their small children, fathers walking dogs, joggers, and university age people passed us and didn’t seem to pay us any attention until they heard our clearly American accents and English conversation.

On our way back to our dorm, we stopped at a little polish fast-food restaurant and ordered one of the only things on the menu we could pronounce: kebabs. These tasty little flatbread creations came with meat of some sort carved off of a large block in front of us, purple onions, tomatoes, cabbage, and two mystery sauces. They were practically bursting at the seams when they handed them to us. Part of me is suspicious that this food wasn’t even Polish since it so closely resembles traditional Greek cuisine but in any case, it was absolutely delicious!

Now with my belly full of comfort food it is off to bed for me. It’s about time I start adjusting to the time zone.

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