Day 24: Beef Farm and Schnitzel

Besides a few highlights, today was rather uneventful. We had breakfast at the hotel followed by a few hours of free time. Once we had packed up the van, we drove across the street to a farm owned by the hotel owner’s son who has a small herd of beef cattle. Beef cattle are extremely uncommon in Poland and most beef served is dairy beef. The hotel owner is hoping to make angus beef his specialty in the hotel’s restaurant once the herd is large enough.

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Weiner Schnitzel

Once we arrived back in Krakow we took a few hours to rest before going to Pod Wawelem for dinner. This restaurant specializes in schnitzel so of course that’s what I ordered. When they arrived I was shocked to see how large the slab of meat was. It was quite literally larger than my head and packed full of flavor. We finished off the night with some lody and a bit of souvenir shopping before retiring for the night.

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