Day 4: First Day of Soils Class

Our first day in the classroom/laboratory discussing an overview of soil science.

Today was our first day in the classroom with Simon. He and Dr. McGahan worked together to give a brief overview of soil science and its general environmental interactions. Choosing to keep the lecture as basic as possible, Simon focused mainly on helping the class understand soil texture which is arguably the most important soil property since it influences many, if not all of its other properties. I was excited because this is a subject that I know and understand well but it also felt tedious at times since we never moved past the basics of soil. The day also involved learning to read a hydrometer and touring some of the labs at that part of the campus.

We enjoyed a late lunch at a restaurant just across the bridge leading to Mill Island in the city centre. We sat outside and enjoyed the warm afternoon next to the canal. I ordered chicken wrapped spinach which was delicious but the true adventure of our meal was trying smalec, or lard with onion and spices in it which is spread over bread. If I had not know beforehand what it was composed of, I probably wouldn’t have faced a mental dilemma such as I did but it was definitely

Lunch by the canal on Mill Island included chicken-wrapped spinach, sweet cabbage and potatoes garnished with bean sprouts.

worth trying. I am trying to be adventurous in my food choices because why would you come to Poland just to eat what is familiar?

After lunch, Roman provided us with a Polish student to guide us to the grocery store and help us buy ingredients for our barbecue meal we are cooking and serving tomorrow for some university staff and students. We were grateful to have him with us because it was nearly impossible to read the ingredients on the items were buying. We spent the rest of our evening cutting up the ingredients and forming kebabs (American kebabs) to grill tomorrow for lunch at the forestry center.

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