Dirt is not Soil

We were in store for an adventure today!

We went on a field trip to a national forest. We began with a short tour of their research and growing center. We then started on an educational path, on this path we learned about the layers of the forest, the animals, and about the general ecosystem. One of the most fascinating discoveries was a legless lizard. The most traumatizing think was walking up on a giant ant mound (did I mention I am deathly afraid of ants)?

After the end of our educational path Simon, an UTP faculty dug a large hole so that we could perform a soil profile. Doing this soil profile allowed us to view the horizons (I believe that is what it is called) and we were able to observe the texture of the soil. We also tested the Ph levels of the different layers of the soil to determine which was the most acidic. Professor McGahan  then filmed a video of us for an introduction for one of his classes, I am sure it will be quite comical. 

We then had a barque, we decided to make kabobs. None of the students or faculty were able to attend besides Simon so we happily fed our taxi driver, Leszek. We believe that he is begining to like us because he scared us all on purpose.

After a short recuperation at the dorms we headed back into town to meet Professor McGahan  to get our tickets for Sunday! We are going to Torun. We ended up walking for what seemed like forever after our lengthy adventure in the Forest earlier that morning. We eventually found a lovely coffee shop. After being so tired from all the walking we decided that we should retire early.

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