Do Widzenia

It’s been only a week and a half since I have been back in the states and I feel this aching homesickness for the dormitory that I called home for a month. Having some of the international students as friends on facebook doesn’t help much either. Seeing their pictures makes me wish I was out at Tripp with them for one złoty drinks on wednesdays.
I do not feel like enough goodbyes were said. I mean, we had a good last week, let me tell you. We went all out and saw as many people as we could, but I don’t feel like it was enough.
But anyway, getting back to Texas has been nice. The weather hasn’t been too hot, although it has been raining quite a bit lately. And I’m canceling my lease in favor of moving myself and my dog in with Clarissa. It is a pleasant surprise going on a trip knowing absolutely no one and leaving with a friend you feel comfortable sharing a house with.
I will never forget my time in Poland. It was an absolute blessing getting to go, one I owe my parents a pant-load of gratitude for making possible. I would also like to thank Tarleton for starting this program and letting us be the guinea pigs for it. I would also like to suggest a program to Turkey.. I will be the first to assist with getting that started… 🙂

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