Dzień trzeci!!!

The next morning, Wednesday May 17th, after getting a okay nights sleep I woke up at 8am and got ready for what was going to a very long day.

The University in Bydgoszcz

We went on with our normal scheduled events for the day even though we were still missing our professor and one of the girls, who were going to be arriving around 3 that afternoon. So we started our day out with a campus tour that was with two women from the international office on campus. They were very sweet and willing to answer any questions we had. After our tour they took us to the cafeteria on campus, which was not like what we have at home they had real fresh cooked food and it was very good. I had the turkey and potatoes and fresh made fruit juice.

Water Balloon Fight

After eating lunch Anna, one of our professors here, met up with us to tell us how the rest of our day was going to look and she took us to see where we can get on the tram, which is one of the main means of transportation here. On our walk there we saw a bunch of the polish students having a huge dodge-ball fight with water balloons. Then as she was walking us to where our taxi driver was going to pick us up some of the polish students dumped water on us from their dorm room window.

When our taxi driver finally arrived to pick us up, we got in were all trying to figure out his name but we don’t believe he speaks English so we couldn’t just ask him. Lauren, one of the other girls, decided to just call him Frederick and so now even though we know his name is Leszek we still refer to him as Frederick. Our goal is to get a selfie with him before we leave Bydgoszcz, because he is our driver the whole time we are here.

This is the building where our class is

Our next task was to get our US dollars exchanged to polish złoty, and we were pleased to know that $1 equaled about 3.79 złoty. Then after exchanging our money we went over to see the part of campus that our class would be at, which is on the other side of town from where we are staying, and when we pulled in we just saw this gorgeous building and I immediately started taking pictures. Then from around the corner came our other professor, Simon, while we are here and he took us up to the deans office where we talked for a little bit before he had to head out to go pick up the third of our group that was missing and the dean, Roman, stayed with us. But before we left Lauren need to use the restroom and when she came back she was tell us there were different signs for the bathrooms and was wondering which one was for us. The sign was either a triangle or a circle, and the professors laughed and told us the woman’s is a circle  and the men’s is a triangle.

During our city tour

After Simon left Roman took us on what was supposed to be a short tour and then to the tram stop to go get the other girl, Ragan, ended up being a tour that last a good portion of our day, but he told about all the rich history and was such a good tour guide. During this tour we learned that the locals will run you over with their bikes if you don’t move out of their way, but they ring their bell to tell you to get out of their way!! Once we finally met up with the rest our group we went our separate ways from the polish professors, and went with Dr. McGanhan, our professor who traveled here with us, and he took us to get lody, ice cream.


After eating our lody in the park we were all pretty tired still from all the traveling so we headed to get our tickets for the tram to head back to our dorms for the night. What an incredible day!!!

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