enter Krakow

porkchop church building

Wednesday was a super long ride because we were on an eight hour train ride to Krakow. We did have a connecting train so we had a little time to take a break and to grab a quick bite to eat. The train ride was really hot because there was no air-conditioning and that really stunk because going four going another four hours with just heat and nothing to cool you down is absolutely miserable. After we arrived we took a taxi to the hostel and put our stuff in our rooms. I really wanted to take a nap but then I heard the magic word food and shopping so I decided to go with the group. So we grabbed a bite to eat and looked around the different places in Krakow. As soon as we walked into the square I learned that Krakow is a very beautiful place to visit when you have time. We learned that Thursday was a holiday so just about everything was going to be closed. So we did as much as we could Wednesday. The next morning was pretty much a chill day of watching movies and looking to see what restaurants were open so we could eat some food. We did find a restaurant that was open and it was called Max 18. I ordered a pork chop with some rice and let me tell you that it was so delicious and it had a lot of flavor. I was really impressed on how well the food is cooked here.

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