Field Day 2

Today we piled into a van and traveled to a place outside of Bydgoszcz to check out some soils. We spent the morning characterizing a soil pit that had multiple buried E and B horizons, due to the area’s history of glaciers. Some of the students learned how to use a Munsell book to color soil, which is one of my favorites. The steep hills and other glacial features made for some great views.

Then we were treated to some yummy Danish and taken to a new place- the Vistula River. When the professor told us where we were, I couldn’t believe it. This river is one of those things you learn about in middle- or high-school geography class, then forget right away because the material is never provided with any context. Here it was, right in front of me! It is as big as the Penobscot river back home, and drains half of Poland. There was a huge earth levee, and fields with crops growing inside it. The fields depend on the flooding of the river to bring fresh soil each year, but the floods are hard to predict. We augured in each place we went to look at the soils and talked more about classification- the soil nerd’s obsession.DSC00324

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