fields of glory

IMG_1269 Today was a fun day.  I GOT TO DRIVE A CZECK TRACTOR!!!  As you can see from the picture above.  it was really different from the tractors back home.  only four gears, a high/low, but it had three granny low settings and you could change gears on the fly. And I also learned that you need a license to drive them over here.  It is a special drivers license with a T on it for tractor.  But shhhh I didn’t take it out of the field.

IMG_1266 But before i got to drive that lovely hunk of diesel machinery we were at the Chrzastowo (sha-stovo) Agricultural and ornamental research station.  Basically this is like our USDA Agrilife Extension services that we have back in the states.  this station does two different types of testing to see if a cultivar of a plant is fit to be on the Polish market.  The first test is DUS, which is all about looks and uniformity of the crop. An the second is VCU, which is all about the value of cultivation of the crop.  If the cultivar passes both of these test it is then tested for a third time. this third test is called PDO, which are diversity trials.  It all made sense, but thats because I’m a crop guy.


IMG_1267 But in our classes this week we talked out fungus ad how they can be harmful to a plant.  The brown spots on this leaf blade is exactly that a fungi.  I don’t know the name but i though it was pretty cool because we talked about in class then randomly found this Barley leaf in the middle of the research station that had fungus on it.


IMG_1261  And finally a picture of the green houses at the research station.  We really didn’t talk much about those or really go inside so I just wanted to show them to you.

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