first day experince

Boy howdy am I ever tired, I have been going nonstop since six am Monday morning from the time I left Texas. Even before my departure I felt very apprehensive and jittery. Every noises and every bump an quake along the way made me think “yup this is it, now the plane is going to explode, good buy thousand dollar plane ticket oh yeah and also life.” My flight had two connections one of which i barely made it to because my previous flight was delayed.
When I finally arrived in Brussels after a very very very long flight stuck in the middle of a group of people I was a mess. I was too sleepy to sit down in fear of falling asleep but to tired from my long flight to walk around much. I was unable to sleep on my long flight  because as my fellow students will probably find out I have demophobia, which is like clausterphobia but only when its a large group of people in a small space. So imagine me in the sky in a shaking cabin hurling through the air at 800 miles a per hour sandwiched in the middle of a large group of people with no escape or at the very least arm room.  It didn’t go so well it defiantly did not end in me getting a nap. My next big problem was my boarding pass left out a very crucial detail where I was supposed to be. After an hour of running around to try to find the right terminal I finally found it but the gate I needed would not show up until about forty minutes before the flight. this is a bad thing to do to international flyers especially in such a highly populated airport that cover vast amount of space. I don’t want to imagine finding out then having to run all the ways to the other side of the airport.
By Brussels i was so nervous I was already stopped acting like myself, which still surprises me now I am usually a really flamboyant person who wants to make friends with everyone I guess its just a combination of lack of sleep, social anxiety, nervousness and a language barrier that stops me from trying.  This will not fly in the future not from me anyways I will not stop myself from enjoying myself just because I am nervous.
I met a very nice older woman who spoke some english as I left the plane which was very fortunate for me as every thing in the airport was in polish. I don’t know what I would have done with out her probably been in that airport for hours more.
Through out these flights I had a general feeling of dread in my heart. I thought what if my bags didn’t make it, how was I supposed to get to my hostel, how was I going to get along if no one spoke English.  To be honest it seems like every thing just fell into place for me because i was so worried.  The old lady helped me to find my bags, and my biggest worry was alleviated when the hostess on my last flight announced she was selling taxi vouchers headed for the city central where my hostel was located.
I feel if I’m not being myself at the moment just so nervous about being alone for the first time that I have hardly said a thing to any one out side of the staff at the oki doki (they deserve there own blog post) and a few people in the rooms who left to party (I have never been one for parties, which makes me sad I don’t know if I will fit in here). I felt just to tired to do much exploring my grandest adventure was walking around feeling out of place (I know i will get out of this phase but it still bothers me) and trying to find something to eat. The hard thing about buying food in another country is the language barrier. I didn’t want to eat something wrong or would make me ridiculed. After searching in vain for the polish fast food chain I was advised to by the staff I decided I was going to go where at least I would know what I was getting Chinese food, even something so similar as lo-mein noodles where different every thing is just a few steps off from my american normal that its a bit jarring.
i know i will be better tomorrow here is hoping its just that I’m tired.

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  1. what about those Oki Doki Staff?