First free weekend

Our first weekend off we decided to travel to Torus. The train ride was only one hour so when we got there we weren’t really tired. We had to take two taxies because one couldn’t fit all of us and we were dropped off at two separate locations so we had to look for the other for a while. After we finally met back up we decided to eat at a restaurant called Sphinx. The food was delicious and after we ate we went to the Kopernika museum. The museum was really interesting and it was time well spend. After we finished looking we thought about going to the gingerbread museum but you had to make a reservation in advanced that was a little disappointment but it may have not been there for much longer because I may have eaten it all if I went inside. Instead of going to the gingerbread museum we decided to go to the castle of the Tentonie Knights. We had to pay to get in but you could see just about everything from the outside. After that we decide to catch a train at four so we could get back in time to do laundry because it’s a pain when you have to sign up for time and wash clothes in the only two washers in the entire building. When our laundry finished we cooked and hung out and went to bed kind of early to start the second week of the study abroad.



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