First looks

Today we met at the Starbucks, which made us all happy to know exactly what we were getting. We then decided that we were going to get a golf cart tour. The tour took us around Krakow and we saw the Jewish ghetto, the quarters, a few churches, Ghetto Heroes Square, and we ended at Schindler’s Factory. 

We took a tour of Schindler’s factory and afterwards we made our way back to the Ghetto Heroes Square. Here they had 68 chairs. Each chair represented 1,000 Jews, our guide explained to us that there were 70,000 Jews in Krakow before the second world war 68,000 died. And now years after the war there are only about 300 living in Krakow. We finally made our way back to the town square, we had a couple of hours to kill before dinner and I decided to take a nap. We then met for dinner with Martina. At the restaurant I had a platter of Glononka (pig knuckle). I was amazed at the size of this dish because it was definitely not that big when I saw it at other restaurants, they had to bring it out on a platter. 

After we ate dinner we became restless and played a game. We stuck sticky notes on each others heads and had to ask questions about what was on our head until we could guess what or who we were. We had fun playing this game and it gave us an opportunity to not only relax but look like fools in the restaurant. After we were done we made our way back to the rooms and went to bed.

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