When the plane finally landed in Warsaw I was excited we had arrived in Poland. We took a long trip and we could finally start a new adventure. We got in a cab that could only seat six so we all squeezed together and I felt like we were clowns in a small car. We finally arrived at the hotel and went to our rooms to freshen up and met back down in the lobby and took a trolley to a part in Warsaw were there was some choices to pick from to eat dinner at. We finally found a place called Karmnik and decided to eat there. I ordered a pork chop that had mashed potatoes, mushrooms, grilled onions and a cranberry type sauce around it. When they put the food on the table I could tell just by looking at it that I was going to enjoy the food. When I took my first bite I was in heaven because it was so delicious. After I finished eating I thought to myself that anywhere I went I was going to have amazing food. When everyone finished we went to a souvenir shop and bought some things. When we walked some more we spotted an ice cream place. They had many different flavors and colors with large amounts of ice cream. I ordered the strawberry ice cream and I didn’t realize the strawberry was hard on the outside and it held the ice cream on the inside and kept it from melting right away. It was so good I looked on every corner for some ice cream. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this journey brings.

ice cream pork chop

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