Forest and more Forest

Today was all about wildlife conservation and protection of habitat and ecosystems.  And yes we went through another forest.  But this one had feeders and pins.  I didn’t really see how that related to wildlife management because the whole premise behind it was to increase population size when the population size did not need to be increased.  After we walked around the forest for 4 hours looking at things, our guides decided to feed us which was really nice.  The soup was pretty amazing.  And then every one just kind of chilled and relaxed for another 3 hours.  Or at least thats how long those times felt to me.  I don’t know maybe I wasn’t interested in this weeks classes because it wasn’t the same as in Texas.  And when we tried to compare it it was brought into a heated discussion about whats right and whats wrong and how it is viewed by other people.  And when things like that happen, I just kind of lose interest because apparently for the region I live in don’t match the views I have. I don’t know.  All I know is that Krakow will be fun but the 8 hour train ride there is going to suck.

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