Four baptist and a protestant walk into a Catholic Church

Today started with a train ride to Torun. Getting on a train may seem like a simple task but when none of us read polish this task becomes increasingly difficult. We found some polite adults, who could not speak English but could read our tickets. After some charades it was determined that we were both going to the same place on the same train. Or so we thought, as we boarded the train and patiently waited at the back of the line to exchange our ticket and be seated the train took off. As we approach the workers, whom don’t speak English either we engage in another game of charades (we are becoming good at this game). We had to purchase tickets again and did make it to our destination where we met Andrew, a student who did study abroad in Stephenville.

Dybowski Castle

Andrew immediately begins our tour of the town. As we are walking he leads us to a bridge and then a rugged path that led to a cobblestone road.

We carefully walked around the top of the Castle.

After walking for a while we came into the view of some castle ruins.

This was probably one of my favorite parts of the day, it was beautiful. After reluctantly leaving we went past Nicolaus Copernicus’ house, a famous astronomer among many different things. We then began the task of purchasing tickets to a mysterious museum, after learning that most of the days tickets were sold out we waited and purchased tickets for the last show of the day at 4pm. We then made our way around town.

One of the many churches we saw on our adventure.


Andrew wanted to show us the inside of one of the Catholic churches, as there are churches on almost every street in this town. We followed him and found ourselves in mass. After respectably sitting for a few minutes we hastily made our way out as we definitely felt out of place. We looked at a few more buildings and then decided it was time for lunch!

We had requested earlier in the week that Andrew take us to go get pirogis, and he delivered. When we first arrived around 1 we were informed that there wouldn’t be an available table until 4, when out museum tickets were purchased for. As we were making our way back down the street in search of a new restaurant they called and we quickly made our way back. These pirogis were so good delicious doesn’t even cover it. I had a chicken, cheese, and champions (I later found out that this is a mushroom, but I ate it and enjoyed it), I also shared a raspberry and mint pirogi with another girl. We all found ourselves stuffed and content. We then had to rush off to make it to the museum on time.

Muzeum Piernika


When we get to the museum there is a line out of the door. We are then instructed by the witches and gingerbread masters. We began with a short introduction on how the gingerbread is made and with what ingredients. We then got to make our own cookies! After this we made our way to go get some Lodi. We then made our way back to the train station where Andrew surprised us all with gifts from the museum. We were so lucky to have such a great guide whom we didn’t have to play charades with, and was also so enthusiastic about everything. We are all looking forward to seeing Andrew again before we leave.

We made it home safely without any more mishaps on the train.

At the train station before our tip back to the dorms.

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