fungal plants

The second week was a very interesting week. We talked about fungal endophytes andf how they infect and develop in plant tissue. I thought this was a very interesting topic because I knew of a little information about funguses but I was never taught in a large amount of detail. We also learn about mycotoxins and how they are secondary metabolites that are secreted by funguses and these are called molds. The molds are produced in raw agricultural products defore, during and after harvest in different environmental conditions. After being known some picks I lost my appetite for eating because the picks were of bread molds and funguses just growing in a container and because I like to eat I wasnt hungry for a while. The most interesting fact I learned during that day was funguses on food and what to do and what not to do. You shouldnt just cut the part that is moldy off and eat the non moldy part because believe it or not the fungus is spread out everywhere in the item even though you cant see it. If you eat it you could be putting a deadly fungus inside your body and it can make you really sick. The best way for you to avoid this is to just throw the item away and get a new one and if you get a pack of something and one is contaminated them they all are so just get a new pack. So now you now a little bit more information about food funguses.

fungus fungus 2

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