Gdansk on our ‘day off’

Prof. Dr. Antoni Bukaluk and Rector of University of Technology & Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz Poland offered to take us to visit Gdansk and some surrounding areas. We jumped at the opportunity! Gdansk is not to awfully far from Bydgoszcz. Couple of hours by auto or train. Dr. Bukaluk enlisted the help of his lovely daughter Agata as drivers and chaperones.

Agatha (left) and Antoni (right) Bukaluk

Agatha (left) and Antoni (right) Bukaluk our hosts and guides for the Gdansk day.

The Tarleton State Univeristy ensemble paused briefly to have a coffee after only a few brief minutes in Gdansk and Antoni and Agata were just as pleased to have the day away from tasks at home as we were. It has been raining, off and on, here in Poland, but Saturday we were blessed with warm weather and only light winds. The sky was not completely devoid of clouds and these clouds provided a spectacular contrast to the brick building with red roof tiles through which the reconstructed “city gates”  arches were located as we approached.

Gdansk approach to citi gates

Gdansk approach to citi gates

While much of Gdansk has been rebuilt after its devastation by Allied forces during the “Second War” there remains evidence of what the bombed out nature of Gdansk was at that time. So, these gates to the city are not what was once the city gates and we did see evidence of previous ‘city gates.’

Unreconstructed World War two remains in Gdansk

Unreconstructed World War two remains in Gdansk

We did see a smaller gate that had a historical sign near it. This gate was smaller and much more quaint.

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