This Saturday was a really fun day because we went to Gdansk. The car ride was about two hours so it wasn’t bad. As soon as we arrived out of the corner of my eye I see this giant Ferris wheel. It was a cool sight to see by the river. We walked around for a while and met back up and headed to the Amber museum. As soon as you buy your ticket and you walk in the first room your mouth drops by how cool it is. They had all different colors and some had bugs in them. When we went to the other rooms the sight kept getting better and better. There were boats, instruments and all sorts of cool things made out of Amber. After the museum we went to a smaller town and went on a large bridge on the beach which was also a docking station for sail boats. The sight was amazing and very hard to describe. While we were walking back we stopped and got a milk shake and it tasted very good. As we were walking back on the beach we stopped at a restaurant and drank some water before we headed back to Bydgoszcz because it was getting late and we had to wake up early for Szczecin the next morning. This was a great town to visit and experience for a day but I wish I could has stayed longer so I could have seen more. This was a great trip and I am glad I got to go and experience Gdansk.

amber guitar clock wheel

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