Getting ready



This is a photo of my suitcase a couple of weeks ago. I had been throwing random items into it as I decided what to bring. It was not a very good system but I was so busy with school and making my Dad’s funeral arrangements I couldn’t do any better. I got back from taking care of Dad’s affairs about 36 hours before getting on the plane to Poland. I haven’t had any time to process all the complicated feelings from seeing the family, or to anticipate my trip to Poland. It’s good in a way, not having a chance to dwell on things. I often live in my head and think too much. Life is about doing!

Everyone I have told about my trip has been so excited for me and proud of me. I think Dad would have been proud of me too. I feel like I owe it to them to acquit myself well and do a good job while I am in Poland, learn as much as I can, and make the most of the time allotted. I hope I can start some relationships and learn the language a little bit. I had the opportunity to come to Poland last year for a few days, and I really like it. Hopefully this trip will result in more opportunities to travel in the future and do soil science.

I really can’t wait to see some Polish soils! Yes, this is a nerd alert. They use a different classification system outside the U.S. and I’m looking forward to learning about that. Much of the countryside in Poland reminds me more of New England than of Texas, so I anticipate similar soils. I hope I see a Polish Spodosol!

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