I'm one happy girl!



We made it to Krakow! After sitting on a train for what felt like an eternity we made it. Our hostel is called hostel giraffe, and if anyone knows me giraffes are my favorite animal in the ENTIRE WORLD! But before we got there Clarissa took a titumble :(. I fell in the streets of Krakow for looking at my phone while walking… Which is always a dangerous move. Luckily I only got a little scrapped knee and no twisted ankles. Just some hurt pride. Honestly I have really enjoyed Krakow. Our hostel is really nice with tons of giraffe pictures everywhere so I love that. We went walking around the central square this morning and saw a lot of cool and cute things like a parade and little souvenir tents. The town itself is beautiful, the architecture of the building is amazing! I want to find a giraffe figurine here BUT this town only has cat statues and figurines. Soooo that stinks! But I was finally able to find some good souvenirs here!

This afternoon we went on a tour of Auschwitz. It was an experience I’m so glad I didn’t pass up. It is such an important part of history and I can say I have seen it and been there! Of course it was so sad and emotional but also interesting. Then the rain came which was kind of a bummer but we survived!

Other than our trip to krakow I can’t believe our first week is already over!!! It’s gone so fast and it needs to seriously slow down. As much as I miss Texas, my family, and friends I feel like Poland has taken a part of my heart and I wish the trip was longer than one month!

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