Graduation Day

UTP proffesors

Today we started with a meeting with all of our professors and the dean. Turns out it was our graduation day! They had diplomas and goody bags for all of us. We are extremely grateful to have such loving professors that care for us. After our meetings we went to dinner with everyone. We went to a really nice restaurant and enjoyed a lot of great polish food.  We started with more shmeck, pirogi, and then some assorted meets (I was extremely grateful that the dean ordered salmon for me). We enjoyed our relaxed time with the professors where we were able to talk to them about their families and our lives.

My personal diploma

After lunch we decided to head back to our dorms and head back into town for dinner. We made our way back and decided to have some pizza after our very traditional polish lunch. After dinner we met back up with Dr. McGahan, and Dr. Lambert joined us too! He arrived into town today. We went and got some lody, I had cherry with chocolate bits in it. We then walked out by the water where there were fireworks. We decided to head back home after that because we knew we have a busy day tomorrow, we’re going on one of our first independent adventures to Gdansk. 

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